Monroe: This Is What's Known As Aversion Therapy. When Someone Hurts You Emotionally, You Will Hurt Them Physically, And Gradually You Will Learn Not To Hurt Each Other At All!

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Monroe: This is what's known as aversion therapy. When someone hurts
you emotionally, you will hurt them physically, and gradually
you will learn not to hurt each other at all! And won't that be
wonderful Homer?
Homer: Oh yes, doctor! [zaps Bart]
Bart: Oh! [presses button]
Lisa: Owwww!
Marge: [scornfully] Bart! How could you shock you little sister?
Bart: My finger slipped. [zapped] Whaaaaagh!
Lisa: So did mine! [zapped by Bart] Aigh! [she retaliates]
Bart: Arggh! [zaps Lisa again]
Marge: Bart! Lisa! Stop that! [zaps both]
-- At Doctor Marvin Monroe's Family Therapy,
"There's No Disgrace Like Home"