Marge: President Bush Is Driving On Our Lawn! He Must Be Lost.

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Marge: President Bush is driving on our lawn! He must be lost.
Homer: [threatening] He's not lost.
Bart: Looks like we're experiencing some blowback from the wig
Homer: It's time to hit him where he lives.
Bart: His house?
Homer: Bingo. [walks off]
[later, he and Bart walk through the sewer]
So I thought to myself, "What would God do in this situation?"
Bart: [chuckles] Locusts! [holds box] They'll drive him _nuts_.
Homer: It's all in the Bible, son: it's the prankster's bible.
[Bush grinds the wheels into the ground and gets out]
George: Hmm. Can't decide if this'll be considered feisty, or crazy.
-- I'm voting for the latter, "Two Bad Neighbors"