Bart: [smiling Nervously] So We're Just Going To Do This Photo And Get Out, Right?

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Bart: [smiling nervously] So we're just going to do this photo and get
out, right? Budda bing, budda boom.
Lisa: I want to look at the pets, and write things on the typewriters,
and see if the new dictionaries are in!
Marge: OK.
Homer: I want to price some flip flops, and smell the new tires, and
consult the pharmacist for some free medical advice!
Marge: Sure! We're going to have a great day. Budda bing, budda boom,
right, Bart? Bart? What's wrong, honey?
[Bart stands far back, looking around]
Homer: Uh oh...somebody's got tired little legs!
[grabs Bart, puts him on his shoulders]
-- Approaching the doors of death, "Marge Be Not Proud"