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The 9th Commandment for C Programmers (Annotated; Henry Spencer)
states thus:

IX Thy external identifiers shall be unique in the first
six characters, though this harsh discipline be irksome
and the years of its necessity stretch before thee
seemingly without end, lest thou tear thy hair out and
go mad on that fateful day when thou desirest to make
thy program run on an old system.
Though some hasty zealots cry ``not
so; the Millenium is come, and this
saying is obsolete and no longer
need be supported'', verily there
be many, many ancient systems in
the world, and it is the decree of
the dreaded god Murphy that thy
next employment just might be on
one. While thou sleepest, he plot-
teth against thee. Awake and take
It is, note carefully, not neces-
sary that thy identifiers be lim-
ited to a length of six characters.
The only requirement that the holy
words place upon thee is uniqueness
within the first six. This often
is not so hard as the belittlers