Who Is John Galt? Do You Know The Legend Of Atlantis?

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Who is John Galt?

Do you know the legend of Atlantis? ... The Isles of the Blessed ...
Atlantis was a place where hero spirits lived in a happiness unknown
to the rest of the world. They reached it without dying, because they
carried the secret of life within them. Atlantis was lost to mankind
... Some of them thought it was underground, hidden in the heart of
the earth. But most of them said it was an island. A radiant island
in the Western Ocean. Perhaps what they were thinking of was America
... they never stopped looking for it, because they knew that that was
what they had to find.

Well, what about John Galt?

He found it ... John Galt was a millionaire, a man of inestimable wealth.
He was sailing his yacht one night, in mid-Atlantic, fighting the worst
storm ever wreaked upon the world, when he found it. He saw it in the
depth, where it had sunk to escape the reach of men. He saw the towers
of Atlantis shining on the bottom of the ocean. It was a sight of such
kind that when one had seen it, one could no longer wish to look at the
rest of the earth. John Galt sank his ship and went down with his entire
crew. They all chose to do it ...