Worm N. [from `tapeworm' In John Brunner's Novel "The Shockwave Rider", Via XEROX PARC] A Program That Propagates Itself Over A Network, Reproducing Itself As It Goes.

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worm n.

[from `tapeworm' in John Brunner's novel
"The Shockwave Rider", via XEROX PARC] A program that
propagates itself over a network, reproducing itself as it goes.
Compare virus. Nowadays the term has negative connotations,
as it is assumed that only crackers write worms. Perhaps the
best-known example was Robert T. Morris's Great Worm of 1988,
a `benign' one that got out of control and hogged hundreds of
Suns and VAXen across the U.S. See also cracker, RTM,
Trojan horse, ice.