Upload /uhp'lohd/ V. 1. [techspeak] To Transfer Programs Or Data Over A Digital Communications Link From A Smaller Or Peripheral `client' System To A Larger Or Central `host' One.

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upload /uhp'lohd/ v.

1. [techspeak] To transfer
programs or data over a digital communications link from a smaller
or peripheral `client' system to a larger or central `host'
one. A transfer in the other direction is, of course, called a
download (but see the note about ground-to-space comm under
that entry). 2. [jargon] To send data (especially large relatively
standalone pieces of data like files and images) over the wire to a
remote location. 3. [speculatively] To move the essential patterns
and algorithms that make up one's mind from one's brain into a
computer. Those who are convinced that such patterns and
algorithms capture the complete essence of the self view this
prospect with pleasant anticipation.