Etwork Address N. (also `net Address') As Used By Hackers, Means An Address On `the' Network (see The Network

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network address n.

(also `net address') As used by
hackers, means an address on `the' network (see the network; this used to include
Internet address). Net
addresses are often used in email text as a more concise substitute
for personal names; indeed, hackers may come to know each other
quite well by network names without ever learning each others'
`legal' monikers. Indeed, display of a network address (e.g on
business cards) used to function as an important hacker
identification signal, like lodge pins among Masons or tie-dyed
T-shirts among Grateful Dead fans. In the day of pervasive
Internet this is less true, but you can still be fairly sure that
anyone with a network address handwritten on his or her convention
badge is a hacker.