July 3,1990 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Rumors Of The Recent Development Of A Super CPU In A Secret Factory In The Breakaway Republic Of Bananistan Seem Borne Out By Documents Leaked By High Administration Sources In An Off-the-record Briefing Last Week.

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July 3,1990


Rumors of the recent development of a super CPU in a secret factory in the
breakaway republic of Bananistan seem borne out by documents leaked by high
administration sources in an off-the-record briefing last week. What is
known so far is that the chip is manufactured under sea moss technology by
vapor depositing an ultra-thin substrate of L-triptophan on a base of
semi-conducting carob. Using CISC (complicated instruction set) methodology,
the CPU is directly programmable in BUNGL, a superset of the BOTCH language
discussed in the April 1980 issue of CREATIVE COMPUTING (pp. 16-17), then
undergoing Beta test. Speculation persists that World Power Systems is
testing a work station optimized for LOGO turtle graphics using the new
super chip, but no confirmation was available at press time.

Overextended Mnemonics

ARRN Add and reset to random number
BB Branch on bug
BBI Branch on burned-out indicator
BBO Branch on bathtub overflow
BCF Branch on chip box full
BCH Branch on carry flag at half mast
BD Backspace disk
BPO Branch on power off
BS Branch sometimes
BSC Burst selector channel
BSO Branch on sleepy operator
BTI Blow trumpet immediately
CCS Chinese character set
CRN Convert to Roman Numerals
DAC Divide and conquer
DAD Disable address and data lines
DD Destroy disk
DO Divide and overflow
DPK Destroy storage protect key
DZSR Divide by zero and store remainder
ECP Erase card punch
ED Eject disk
EIO Execute invalid op-code
EN Emulate Nintendo
EROS Erase read-only storage
FSG Fill screen with garbage
FSR Forms skip and run away
HCF Halt and catch fire
IA Illogical and
II Interrupt and ignore
IL Infinite loop
IOR Illogical or
IRB Invert record and branch
IRT Ignore write-protect tab
LCC Load and clear core
LIA Load ineffective address
LMB Lose message and branch
LRB Lose register byte
MLR Move and lose record
MTI Make tape invalid
MWC Move and warp core
NPN No program necessary
OCS Overwrite code segment
OOS Override operating system
PBC Print and break chain
PI Punch invalid
PO Punch operator
PPSW Pack program status word
PS Print and smear
RBT Read blank tape
RCR Rewind card reader
RCS Read card and scramble data
RDI Reverse drum immediately
RID Read invalid data
RIG Read inter-record gap
RBT Rewind and break tape
RIM Read instruction manual
RM Refresh memory
RNR Read noise record
ROM Read operator's mind
RPM Read programmer's mind
RPB Read, print and blush
RRCR Rotate right cash register
RRR Read record and run away
RSC Rewind system clock
RSO Resume on stack overflow
RT Reduce throughput
SC Scramble channels
SD Slip disk
SDRB Search and destroy register byte
SLC Shift left continuous
SLP Sharpen light pencil
SPSW Scramble program status word
SRCC Select reader and chew cards
SRSD Seek record and scar disk
SSJ Select stacker and jam
TAB Throw away byte
TAM Transfer accumulator to Minneapolis
TPO Turn power off
TVT Test vacuum tubes
UCB Uncouple CPU and branch
UER Update and erase record
UPC Uncouple program counter
WB Wait for bus
WG Wait for Godot
WBT Write blank tape
WI Wetware interrupt
WNR Write noise record
WRS Write to ROM storage
WWLW Write wrong length word
XNH Execute no-op and hang
XUI Execute undefined instruction