Lady Goes To Buy A Pet. In Store, Sees A Frog In A Rosewood Box, Asks For The Price.

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Lady goes to buy a pet. In store, sees a frog in a rosewood box, asks for
the price.
"This frog is worth $4000, madam."
"WHAT? Why is it so expensive?"
"Well, you see, it specially trained to perform cunnilingus."
"I see... I'll take it."
So she takes the frog home, showers, puts on a silk gown, perfume, and opens
the box on the bed. The frog doesn't perform; she calls the shop. I'll be
right over, says the shopowner. Moments later, the shopowner sees the problem,
and tells the frog: "ALL RIGHT NOW, Look hard, it's the LAST TIME I'LL show you!