Mrs. Jones Goes To See Her Obstetrician, Dr. Smith.

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Mrs. Jones goes to see her obstetrician, Dr. Smith. She says, "Dr. Smith, I'm
pregnant again. I need a hearing aid."
Dr. Smith says, "Mrs. Jones, I thought we decided last time that your twelve
children were more than you could handle, and that you should not get pregnant
again. I'm going to give you a powerful contraceptive."
Mrs. Jones replies, "But, doctor, I don't need a contraceptive. I need a
hearing aid."
Dr. Smith: "How come, Mrs. Jones?"
Mrs. Jones: "Well, you see, doctor, I'm kinda hard of hearing. At night,
when the mister and I turn off the lights and go to bed, he asks me, 'Do you
want to go to sleep, or what?' And, I always say, 'What?'"