Three Nuns (a Good Nun A Pretty Good Nun, And A Bad Nun) Die And Are Standing In Front Of The Gates Of Heaven And There They Meet St.

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Three nuns (a good nun a pretty good nun, and a bad nun) die and are
standing in front of the gates of heaven and there they meet St. Peter.
St. Peter looks at the first one and says, "You have been a good
nun all your life but there are rules, and to pass into heaven
you must be able to answer my question. Since you were good nun all
your life the question I have for you will be an easy one. Here is my
question: Who was the first man?"

The nun just smiles and says, "By the glory of God, The Lord created
Adam to be the father of the human race."

Bells start ringing and the gates fly open. The first nun passes through.

St. Peter then directs his attention at the pretty good nun. He
says to her "Since you have been a pretty good nun all your life
I will ask you an easy question. My question to you is: Who
was the first woman?"

The nun just smiles and says "By The Lord's wisdom, The Father created
Eve from Adam's rib."

Bells start ringing and the gates fly open. The second nun passes through.

The bad nun knowing she's in trouble tries to sneak into heaven
while the gates are open but the gates slam in her face. St Peter
Looked over at her and said "I'm sorry but to get into heaven you
must first answer my question. To you I will ask a hard question
for you have not been a good nun but if you really think about it
you should be able to get it. My question to you is: What was the
first thing that Eve said to Adam?"

The nun shakes here head and thinks for a while. Then she looks up at
St. Peter shakes her head some more and says, "Boy, that's a hard one."

and bells start ringing ...