Wanting To Convert To The Catholic Faith, Sam Goldstein Was Allowed To Join The Church Under The Condition That He Would, Henceforth, Obey All The Laws Governing The Catholicism.

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Wanting to convert to the Catholic faith, Sam Goldstein was allowed to
join the Church under the condition that he would, henceforth, obey all
the laws governing the Catholicism.

"Remember," warned the priest, "you also are not allowed to eat meat on

"Yes, Father, I'll remember," Sammy promised as he left his last

The Father, concerned about his new convert, decided to drop in on Sam
that next Friday to see how he was doing. After being admitted into
the house, he was shocked to see Sam eating a huge steak.

"What is this? Did you forget your promise? This is Friday. You're
suppose abstain from eating meat on Fridays. What do you have to say
for yourself?" the priest asked imperiously.

"Meat? Who's eating meat?" asked Sam blandly. "This is gefilte

"You must take me for a fool!" snapped the outraged priest. "How can
anyone make fish out of meat?"

"The same way the Church makes a Catholic out of a Jew," answered the
convert smoothly. "I sprinkled holy water on it."