Taking A Day Off, Jesus And St. Peter Decide To Play Golf.

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Taking a day off, Jesus and St. Peter decide to play golf. At one part
of the course, they came up to a short shot over a shallow pond. St
Peter tees up first. He stops and thinks for a moment and then states,
"I'm going to use a 6 iron." St. Peter swings and lands a beautiful
shot about three feet away from the cup.

Jesus tees up next. He ponders the shot, and then declares, "Jack
Nicholas would use a 7 iron." He takes his 7 iron, pulls back, and
swings. The ball goes too high in the air and lands in the middle of
the pond. Jesus casually walks on the water, retrives his ball, and
tees up. He swings and, again, his shot ends up in the pond.

"Why don't you use a 6 iron?" asked St. Peter.

"No!" retorts Jesus. "Jack Nicholas would use a 7!"

This goes on for several shots - swing, splash, walk on water, recover
ball, and tee up again. By this time, other golfers have caught up to
Jesus and St. Peter. After watching Jesus walk on water several times
to retrive is ball one baffled golfer turns to St. Peter and asks, "Who
does that guy think he is? Jesus Christ?"

"No," replies St. Peter. "Jack Nicholas."