Abe Meets His Frind (friend) Isaac On The Street. Isaac

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Abe meets his frind (friend) Isaac on the street.
Isaac: Abe, why are you looking so sad?
Abe: It's my son. I sent him off to college, and now he has come back home,
all full of Gentile ideas. Where did I go wrong?
Isaac: Funny you should mention it! My son, too, has come home from college,
with his head all messed up, filled with Gentile ideas...There is but
one course open to us. We will ask the Rabbi.
So they go to the Synagogue, and obtain an audience with the Rabbi.
Both: Rabbi, our two sons, whom we have raised to be devout followers of
the Law, have come home from college, full of Gentile ideas. What
can we do about it?
Rabbi Bernstein: Funny you should mention it! My son also has come back
from college, with all sorts of Gentile ideas. I assure you my
friends, this problem is beyond human solution. We must go into
the place of worship and pray.
The three go in and spread their hands in supplication to the Lord. No
sooner have they articulated their common lament than the lights go out,
the building is filled with cloud and smoke, and a thunderous voice answers them