Deciding That They Needed A Few Hours Of Vacation From Heaven, God And Jesus Went Down To Earth To Play Some Golf.

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Deciding that they needed a few hours of vacation from Heaven, God and
Jesus went down to earth to play some golf. Going into the last hole,
which was a difficult par 5, they are par for par. Jesus walks up to
the tee, swings, and makes a beautiful 200 yard drive. Another shot
takes him up onto the green and with a final 20-foot shot, sinks the
ball for a birdie.

God stood there looking thoughtful, then scratched his head, and
finally steps up to the tee. He pulls back, hits the ball, and
watches it as it cuts to the left and goes straight into the woods.

About that time, a squirrel stuck its head out of its nest in a old
tree only to be struck squarely between the eyes with a golf ball.
Knocked senseless with the ball lodge between its ears, the squirrel
falls towards the ground and lands on a rabbit. Startled, the rabbit
takes off out of the woods and straight onto the green. Just as it
gets close to the cup, an eagle swoops out of sky and grabs the rabbit
with the squirrel still on its back. The eagle begins circling back
up into the heavens when a bolt of lightening streaks out of the cloudless
sky and strikes the eagle dead. The eagle's prey plummets towards the
green below, and as the rabbit with the squirrel on its back bounces off
the ground for a second time, the golf ball dislodges from between the
squirrels ears. The ball rolls across the green getting closer and
closer to the cup. It then sits precariously on the lip of the cup for
a few seconds and then finally falls in.

Jesus looks over at God and says , "Come on, Dad. Are you going to
fuck around, or are you going to play golf?"