Jesus And Moses Are In Heaven, Fishing From A Rowboat.

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Jesus and Moses are in Heaven, fishing from a rowboat. As they were
fishing, they began to reminisce the miracles they performed when they
were on Earth. Just to see if they could still had the knack, they
each decided to do one of their miracles.

So, Moses stood up and extended his arms. Sure enough, the waters of
the lake parted and the rowboat settled gently to the bottom. He then
lowered his arms and the waters closed back in. In a few moments, the
lake had returned to normal with the rowboat floating on top.

"Pretty good, Mo," Jesus said approvingly. "Now I'll give it a try,"
he said as he climbed out of the boat. He took a couple steps and then
began to sink quickly. Just in time, Moses reached out and pulled Jesus
into the boat.

"Jesus Christ!" Moses exclaimed. "What do you suppose happened to you?"

"Aw, Mo, I should have known better than to try that one," Jesus replied.
"The last time I did that I didn't have these blasted holes in my feet."