A Few Months Ago I Was Flying Down To L.A.

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A few months ago I was flying down to L.A. from San Francisco with
a friend. He had stayed up too late the night before and promptly fell
fast asleep as soon as we were airborne. The airline magazines soon
paled, so I looked around for some way to entertain myself until we
reached L.A.
I went up the steward and asked if I could borrow one of the oxygen masks
that they use in their little speech just before take-off. He looked
puzzled and said that they didn't work and were just for demonstration.
I said I didn't care, and much to my surprise, he gave it to me.
I took it back to my seat, put it on, and strung the hose to the
up just above my head. Then I reached down and shook my friend
furiously. As he groggily woke up, I yelled,
"Quick, put on your mask, we're falling fast!"

The look on his face was pretty classic!
Interestingly enough, he didn't fall back asleep on the plane.