This Sounds Suspiciously Like One Of David Brenner's "Best Practical Jokes In The World".

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This sounds suspiciously like one of David Brenner's "Best Practical Jokes
In The World". He claimed to do this and put the slip back, three or four
slips down. The lucky recipient was a kindly-looking little old lady who
had a habit of smiling vacantly and nodding. When the bank teller read the
back of the slip, and saw this little old lady smiling and nodding, he tripped
the silent alarm, the doors slammed shut, the guards all pulled out their guns,
and the only two customers in the bank were the little old lady and David
Brenner in the corner laughing his ass off. Naturally he recommended that
against trying this little stunt.

The other practical joke of his that I remember involved getting a friend with
a car to help you. Pick up about a dozen cheap brooms, and get on a local
(downtown) bus. Of course, the brooms will be impossible to manage as the
bus bounces and sways, and will annoy passangers and driver alike. But, as
you've paid your fair, the driver figures you'll be off the bus soon enough
and he'll be done with you. Get off at the last stop, hop into your friend's
waiting car, and zip back to the stop you got on at, and get on THE SAME BUS.
Much yucks.