Once Upon A Time Little Red Riding Hood Decided To Visit Her Grandmother.

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Once upon a time Little Red Riding Hood decided to visit her grandmother.
Red took a basket with everything she needed and set out on her trip through
the forest. While she was happily skipping along the forest trail, she came
across a very friendly squirrel. When the squirrel learned that she was on
her way to see her grandmother, the squirrel said, "But you have to be very,
very careful! The Big Bad Wolf is looking for you and he says that he will
lick your titties! Little Red told the squirrel, "I'm not afraid, besides, I
have a gun in my basket!" A little further down the trail, Red came across a
rabbit. The rabbit told her the same thing. "Don't go to your grandmothers
house, because the Big Bad Wolf will be waiting for you and he wants to lick
your titties!" Little Red told the rabbit, "I'm not afraid, besides, I have
a gun in my basket!" Little Red Riding Hood skipped on down the forest trail.
When she got to her grandmother's house she met the Big Bad Wolf. He said,
"Hello there, Red! I'm glad you are here, because I'm going to lick your
titties!" Little Red looked bravely at the Big Bad Wolf and said, "I have a
gun in my basket, your not going to lick my titties! You are going to do like
the book said and you are going to EAT ME!"