Here In Kentucky, We're In The Middle Of Deer Hunting Season, Which Means That The Woods Are Full Of People Armed With Weapons With A Higher Caliber Than Their IQ.

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Here in Kentucky, we're in the middle of deer hunting season, which
means that the woods are full of people armed with weapons with a higher
caliber than their IQ. Which brings to mind the story of the man who took
his wife deer hunting (apologies to those who may be offended by the sexism
- actually female deer hunters are no stupider than males). Anyway, they
decided to split up to improve their chances of finding a deer. The man
explained to his wife that the woods were full of dishonest hunters who
might try to claim her deer if she managed to kill one. In case this
happened, she should fire her rifle into the air three times, to summon
him for assistance. They went their separate ways, and soon he heard a
shot, followed by three quick shots. He followed the direction of the
sound, and found his wife holding a man at gunpoint. She said "It was
just like you told me, I killed this deer fair and square and this man
says its his." The husband pointed his rifle at the stranger, who placed
his hands in the air and said "She's welcome to keep it, I would just like
to get my saddle back."