Early One Spring, A Saleswoman's Car Broke Down In The Middle Of Northern Michigan.

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Early one spring, a saleswoman's car broke down in the middle of Northern
Michigan. After miles of walking, she found a farmhouse with two men sitting
on the front porch. "My car broke down; can I stay here tonight?" the sales-
woman asked the yuppers. "No problem," said Sven. "But you have to do a
favor for us, eh?" said Ole. The saleswoman agreed, adding "But you have
to wear these rubbers to keep me from getting pregnant." So the night
passed, and all concerned had a great amount of fun. The next day the sales-
woman got her car fixed and continued on her way. That fall, while they were
cutting wood, Sven turned to Ole and asked, "You know, what do we care if
that lady gets pregnant, eh?" "You know Sven," replied Ole, "I think you're
right. Why don't we take the rubbers off?"