This City-slicker Goes Out To The Country And Visits A County Fair.

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This city-slicker goes out to the country and visits a county fair. While
he's there, he decides to buy a small pig. He goes to a farmer and asks how
much the piglets are. "Five bucks a pound mister," the farmer says, "just
pick one out that you like. Having made his selection, the farmer bends
down, puts the little pig's tail in his mouth, and lifts the pig off the
ground. The farmer bobs up and down a few times, then puts the pig down and
says "fourteen and a quarter pounds at five bucks a pound...that'll be
seventy one twenty five." "You must think I'm pretty stupid to fall for that
routine, why don't you go and get a proper scale" the man asks. The farmer
replies that there aren't any in town, and that he and his family provide
weighing services to all the townfolk. The city-slicker doesn't buy this, so
the farmer calls his son out. The little boy puts the piglet's tail in his
mouth, picks him up, bobs up and down, and says "I reckon fourteen and a
quarter pounds dad." The farmer tells the kid to go get his mother, saying
"she'll give you precisely the same measurement." While the boy is gone, the
farmer explains how the family is known far-and-wide for their accuracy.
"Yep, we're calibrated once yearly by the local weights and measures
beureau..." Minutes later, the little boy returns alone. "What happened,"
the farmer asks, "where's your mom?" "She can't come right now, pop" the boy
replies, "she's busy weighing the postman."