A Young Boy Came Home From School One Day And Told His Mother That He Began A Sex Education Class That Day.

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A young boy came home from school one day and told his mother that he began
a sex education class that day. His mother hit the ceiling and said,
"There's gonna be no sex education as long as you live in this house.
Get upstairs and stay there until your father comes home!" So, the boy
went up to his room. Later, the old man came home and asked, "Where's the
boy?" His wife replied, "I'm punishing him up in his room. He says he
started taking a class in sex education class in school today." Enraged,
the father stormed up the stairs and burst into the boy's room where the
boy was lying on the bed masturbating. The father said, "Listen you, when
you're finished with your homework I want to talk to you!"