A Friend Of Mine Drives To Work On A Long Stretch Of Country Road.

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A friend of mine drives to work on a long stretch of country road. One
morning, as she was driving to work, she hit a bunny rabbit crossing the
road. She immediately stopped to render aid to the bunny. The bunny was not
dead, only mildly stunned. Being the not so bright person that she is, she
decided that she might be able to spray perfume on the rabbit to stun him
back into shape. She rummaged through her purse to get the perfume and
sprayed it on the rabbit. Immediately the bunny jumped up on its hind legs
and began to wave its front paw. Satisfied that the bunny was okay, she
drove on to work. That afternoon, on the way home, she noticed the rabbit
was still waving. She shrugged and continued home. The next morning, the
rabbit was still there, waving. The experience was repeated the next
morning and evening. By that time she was quite puzzled and decided that
she should look in her purse to see exactly what it was that she had
sprayed on the rabbit. She took the bottle out of her purse and on the
label it read ...