The Caretaker Of A Golfcorse Is Having Difficulty With Unreliable Help, So He Decides To Splurge And Get Four Very Expensive Groundskeeping Robots To Do The Work.

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The caretaker of a golfcorse is having difficulty with unreliable help, so he
decides to splurge and get four very expensive groundskeeping robots to do
the work. The robots are so efficient that soon, everyone is complementing
management about the fine state of the golf course. Every hedge is neatly
trimmed, every leaf raked up, every tree pruned, hardly a blade of grass is
out of place on the whole green. The manager calls the caretaker into his
office, and compliments him on his fine choice of help. "One thing though,"
the manager says, "some of the patrons have complained about the glare from
the sunlight reflecting off the robots' polished metal bodies. "No problem,"
the caretaker replies, he makes a quick trip to the hardware store, buys
several gallons of flat black paint, and paints the four robots from head to
toe. The next day, three of the robots don't show up for work, and the
fourth one robs the pro shop.