Off In The Hill Country The Old Man Was Sitting On His Porch With His Shotgun Across His Knees Waiting For His Three Daughters' Dates To Come Pick Them Up.

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Off in the hill country the old man was sitting on his porch with his shotgun
across his knees waiting for his three daughters' dates to come pick them up.
The first one came and said to him, "Hello, I'm Bill. I'm here to pick up
Jill. We're going to walk up the hill" The old man told them to have a good
time. The next boy came up and said, "Hello, I`m Eddie. I'm here to pick up
Betty. We're going to eat spaghetti." The old man wished them well and off
they went. The third boy came up to the cabin and said, "Hello, I'm Chuck"
and the old man shot him.