Once Upon A Time There Was A Mathematician Who Found An Equation For GOD.

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Once upon a time there was a mathematician who found an equation for GOD. It
was, of course, a very complicated equation but, she figured, all she had to
do was find a computer system which (1) had a large enough memory to store
all the necessary variables, and (2) was fast enough to gather all the infor-
mation together. Once this was accomplished, all the mysteries of the Uni-
verse could be solved. So the government took every available micro-
processor, linker, loader, assembler and anything else they had available,
put them all together and asked the computer: "Is there a God?" Unfortu-
nately, however, the computer's response was that it would take, at the
very least, a century or two to solve the problem. This wasn't good enough
for the bureaucrats in Washington who, for the first time in their lives
wanted something other than the status quo. So they decided to follow that
up by taking every single computer in the entire nation and, linking them
all together into one giant, ever-so-much-bigger, super-computer, asked
once again, "Is there a God?" Well, this time the computer said that it
would take only ten years to solve the equation Not as bad, but still not
quick enough to satisfy all the eager philosophers and scientists. "Some-
thing more must be done!" they shouted. By this time the whole world was
beginning to pay attention to the project and everone wanted to get
involved. After much debate, the United Nations decided to build the com-
puter and discover if there really was a God. So they took every computer
system in the world and linked them all together into one single amazing
super-duper-computer - the likes of which had never, EVER, been seen
before! Once again the scientists asked, "Is there a God?" The response?