One Day A Kid Came Home And Yelled, "Ma, Ma, I Had Sex For The First Time Today!

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One day a kid came home and yelled, "Ma, Ma, I had sex for the first time
today!" The mother was outraged and sent the kid upstairs to his room. When
the father got home, the mother explained the situation, whereupon the
father marched staright up the stairs to his son's room. "I Hear you had
sex, son." said the father in a stern voice. "Yeah ..." "Way to go! Now
you're a man! I'm proud of you son." The next day at work the father told
the guys at work about his 'improved' son. That night he came home from
work and again went to his son's room. "So, son, did you have sex again
today?" "No Dad; my asshole is still sore from yesterday ..."