An Aggie Was Driving Through The Streets Of Fort Worth When He Spotted A Frog Sitting By The Side Of The Road.

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An Aggie was driving through the streets of Fort Worth when he spotted
a frog sitting by the side of the road. The frog had long eye lashes
and seemed to be batting it's eyes and smiling at him.
Intrigued, the Aggie stopped his car and rolled down the window. The
Frog jumped in his car and sat on his front passenger seat. So, the
Aggie resumed driving with the Frog at his side.
Every now and then he would glance over at the frog and it seemed to
be smiling and batting it's eyes at him. He wondered ... what if? ...
He leaned over, kissed the frog and:
\ /
/ \
It turned into a gorgeous, voluptuous blonde. She smiled, batted her
eyes and they began a conversation. As they drove on and talked,
their friendship seemed to be developing then she began to wonder
"what would happen if..." she leaned over, kissed the Aggie and:
\ /
/ \
He turned into a motel (hey, not all Aggies are stupid!).