A Man With A Pain In His Arm Called A Doctor To Make An Appointment.

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A man with a pain in his arm called a doctor to make an appointment. The
secretary told him to bring a sample of his morning urine with him. Upon
arriving at the doctor's office, the doctor told him that he had a new
diagnostic device that could accurately diagnose his problem by
a sample of his morning urine. The man handed the sample to the doctor,
who poured it into the machine and pressed a button. Thirty seconds
a printout came out of the machine. The doctor looked at it and said,
"You have tennis elbow." The man scoffed, "That's impossible, I don't
even play tennis. The machine is a piece of junk." The doctor replied,
"I'm sorry, but this is the most advanced diagnostic device we have. Why
don't we try it again tomorrow with another sample of your urine?"
Relucantly, the man agreed. However, he decided to play a trick on the
doctor, and got his wife to urinate in the cup, then got his daughter to
urinate in the cup, then he poured some engine oil from his car into the
cup, and finally, he urinated into the cup himself. The next day he
handed the cup to the doctor, who poured the contents into the machine
and said, "Since you were so skeptical yesterday, I am putting the
machine on its finest setting, to tell us all the information it
possibly can about your condition." The doctor pressed a few buttons,
and this time the machine took a few minutes to produce a printout. The
doctor looked at it and scratched his head, puzzled. Finally, he said,
"This is very strange, but according to the machine, your wife is
fucking everyone in town, your daughter is a lesbian, your car needs a
tune up, and you will never get rid of tennis elbow if you don't stop
jerking off!"