Little Johnny Went Off To His First Day Of School As A Freshman.

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Little Johnny went off to his first day of school as a freshman. When he
got home, his mother asked him how his first day of high school was.
"Just fantastic mom!" replied Johnny. His mother asked him what was so
great about it. "I had sex with my teacher!!!" said Johnny. His mother
was so upset, she sent him up to his room. "I'm going to speak with your
father about this" she said.
When Johnny's father came home, the mother briefed him. "I'll go upstairs
and have a talk with him", said the father.
Johnny's father walked into the room. "How was your first day of school
"Gee dad, it was the best day of my life! I had sex with my teacher!"
His father was a bit more understanding than his mother...
"Well, Johnny - you really upset your mother. But I understand these
things. You see, I had sex with my teacher too - but I was 17 when that
happened - you're only 14! You must really have charmed her! Yeah, you
really climbed one-up on your old man. I'm actually kind of proud of you!
What do you say we go out and buy that new bike you always wanted?"
"Nah, thanks anyway dad - my butt's still REAL sore - I couldn't ride that
thing for a month."