A Senator, A Clergyman, And A Boy Scout Were Passengers In A Small Plane That Developed Engine Trouble.

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A Senator, a clergyman, and a Boy Scout were passengers
in a small plane that developed engine trouble. The pilot
"We'll have to bail out. Unfortunately, there are only three
parachutes. I have a wife and seven small children. My family
needs me. I'm taking one of the parachutes and jumping out!"
And he jumped. Then the Senator said,
"I am the smartest politician in the world. The country needs
me; I'm taking one of the parachutes."
And he jumped. The clergyman said to the Boy Scout,
"I've had a good life and yours is still ahead of you.
You take the last parachute."
The youth shrugged and said,
"Don't need to. There are two parachutes left. The smartest
politician in the world just jumped with my knapsack!"