2 Gays Decide To Have A Baby. The One Gets A Sex Change, Becomes Pregnant And The Baby Is Born.

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2 gays decide to have a baby. The one gets a sex change, becomes
pregnant and the baby is born. When they go to the hospital
nursery, they notice that all of the babys are crying except
one. They ask the nurse which is their baby: she says the quiet
one. One gay remarks 'Isn't it nice that our baby is so
contented !'. The nurse says, "Oh yeah ? Wait 'till I take the
pacifier out of his ass!"
a lawyer was on the road and got a sudden urge to take a crap so he was
forced to stop at a wayside and use the public toilet..(out house no less)
so he's just about finished when another person with the same problem come
rushing in and grabs the hole next to this lawyer (the lawyer could not
believe what was happening) anyway..the lawyer finishes and get up and in
doing so a pocket full of change falls down into the hole.."SHIT!!!says
the lawyer.."damn..looks like you lost a bunch of change" says the person
next to the lawyer. The lawyer, swearing all the while, takes out his
wallet..peels off a hundred and throws it down the hole. "Holy cow !"says
the other person"your throwing good money after bad, whats the matter with
you? Are you crazy???" "well hell"says the lawyer"you don't think I'm
going down there for forty-five cents, do you "!!?