There Was A Big Party Going On In The Local Mental Hospital.

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There was a big party going on in the local mental hospital. It was a
big event, and one of the local doctors had been invited to tour the
grounds during the festival. When the doctor arrived, things seemed to
be going nicely, and the doctor decided to take a personal
"unauthorized" tour of the grounds.
As the doctor began to explore within the hospitals grounds, he began to
notice that the patients were all getting this celebration with everyone
The doctor first discovers a man, who is buck naked, and painted red
from head to toe. The doctor asks the man "why are you red?"
The man replies "I am angry! I am angry that people can do things and
I'm stuck in here. I am angry that Bush is president, and that Quayle
is in office! I am angry at everything!!!!!"
The doctor not wanting to draw attention to himself immediately began to
walk away from this ranting angry man. Then he approached a man painted
green. This guy was a bit more composed, even though he was buck naken
like the mad man. The guy immediately looked at the doctor and said
"I'm green with envy! I am envious of you and your freedoms, the fact
that you have a life and I do not, the fact that I don't have a car, and
that my wife and kids left me! I am envious of everyone because they
own what I can never have...sob...sob..."
The doctor immediately began a retreat from this sorry excuse for a
patient and promptly walked into tall black man, who was buck naked and
happened to have a pear hanging off the end of his penis.
The doctor immediately responded with "Oh, excuse me, my gosh, what's
your problem?"
The man responded in a quiet, distant voice- "I'm fucking dis' pear."