There Were These Three Unemployed Guys, Leroy (a Black), Chico (a Mexican), And Stosh (a Pole).

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There were these three unemployed guys, Leroy (a black), Chico (a
Mexican), and Stosh (a Pole). They lived together on their welfare
checks in a tiny apartment. One day, a letter came for them from the
Welfare people telling them to report to the state employment office or
they would lose their welfare payments. To make a long story short,
Stosh was offered a job loading frozen shrimp at the docks. it was a
good job, too. Being unionized, it paid $22/hour.
When he got home, Stosh told Chico: "Wake me at 5:30 because I have to
be at work at 6:30 and the foreman that hired me told me I must not be
That night, after Stosh fell asleep, Chico and Leroy were complaining
about the obvious discrimination. "They only hired him because he's
white" said Leroy. Then they hatched a clever plan to prove that Stosh
was hired because of his race. They got black shoe polish and covered
Stosh's face to make him appear black.
The next morning, Chico woke Stosh at 6:00 and told him to rush because
it was a 1/2 hour late. When Stosh got to the docks, the foreman asked
him who he was. Stosh told him he was the new employee. "You can't be"
said the foreman. "You're black and the man I hired was white."
"But I'm white" protested Stosh. The foreman said "If you don't believe
me, go into the men's room and look in the mirror".
Stosh did that and when he saw his face he exclaimed: "Goddamn Mexican
woke up the wrong guy!"