There Was A Newly Married Couple And The Wife Was Just A Bit Unsure Of Herself Around The House.

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There was a newly married couple and the wife was just a bit
unsure of herself around the house.
One day a floorboard on the back porch broke and when her hubbie
came home she asked if he could fix it. "WHAT DO I LOOK LIKE A
CARPENTER", he bellowed, "call a carpenter to fix it."
A few days later she had an electrical problem and again waited for
her husband to come home and again got this response, "WHAT DO I LOOK
LIKE,AN ELECTRICIAN? call an electrician to fix it."
Well a couple of weeks past and when the husband came home
from work his wife told him that there had been a problem with
the plumbing, but, she had called the plumber and everything had
been taken care of. "Great!" he said, "that's the way to do things,
how much did he charge?" "Well", she told him, "he wanted either
10 pies, or sex." "I hope you gave him the pies" he said.