Once There Was A Russian Who Had A Pen-pal Who Lived In Africa.

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Once there was a Russian who had a pen-pal who lived in Africa.
They had written each other letters for about 2 years, when the
African sent a letter to his Russian friend announcing his plans
to come to Russia and visit him. The Russian, who always wanted
to meet his African friend, prepared a tour for his friend.
After meeting him at the airport, the Russian took the African on
a tour of Moscow. When they approached Red Square, the African
saw a circle of men standing around passing something around, and
asked "What's going on down there?". The Russian said "That's
our national game of Russian Roulette". The African asked "How
is it played?" The Russian said "Well, let's go watch them..."
They went down and watched as each Russian in turn took a six-
shooter from his neighbor, spun the cylinder, placed the muzzle
to his head, and pulled the trigger. The African said "What's
the game about?" The Russian explained "One of the chambers is
loaded. If you land on the loaded chamber, you are dead." The
African says "Interesting.... Simple, yet elegant. I like
As the African was about to leave for home, they made plans for
the Russian to visit his African friend in his home village.
Remeber that neat game you showed me called Russian Roulette?
We have invented our own version, called African Roulette..." The
Russian asked "How is it different?" The African says "Well,
let's go watch and I'll show you."