He Guy Out Hunting Ducks. He Shot One And It Fell In A Farmer's Yard.

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the guy out hunting ducks. He shot one and it fell in a
farmer's yard. When he went in to get it, the farmer came out and
they got into an argument about who owned the duck. Farmer said
it was his as it was on his property. The hunter said his as he'd
shot it.
After a few minutes, the farmer said, "We'll settle this country
style, We kick each other in the crotch in turn and the last guy
standing gets the duck." The hunter wasn't too keen on this, but
agreed. Farmer said he got the first kick as it was his property.
He laid in a good one and the hunter spent the next ten minutes
rolling around on the ground in agony. Finally, he recovered
enough to take his turn. "Ready?" he asked. The farmer said, "Ah,
hell take the damned duck!"