This Lady Was A Big Fan Of Elvis. And To Show This, She Decided To Go And Get A Tattoo On Her Upper Theigh.

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This lady was a big fan of Elvis. And to show this, she decided to
go and get a tattoo on her upper theigh. She went to the tattoo parlor
and had it done. When the guy finished she look at it and said "That
is not Elvis, it looks more like Roy Orbison! I'm not giving you a
penny!" The tattoo guy tells her that he'll make another one on the
other leg and she would only have to pay for one. She agreed. When he
finished, she said the same thing and that she wasn't going to pay for
either of them. The man says "You're gonna have to pay for one of
them. How about if I got a total stranger off the street, and if he
says one of the tattoos looks like Elvis, then you will have to pay
for one of them." She agreed, again. They got an old man in and asked
him who he thought the tattoos looked like, and the man said "I don't
know who the two twins are, but the one in the middle looks like Willie