An Eldrly Couple Decided To Get Married. The Old Gentleman Had Been After Her For Years, And She Agree On The Condition That They Both Get Complete Physical Exams.

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An eldrly couple decided to get married. The old gentleman had been
after her for years, and she agree on the condition that they both get
complete physical exams.
They went to the doctor's office together, and he was called first.
After a short time the man and doctor returned. She ask about his
health. The doctor said he is in good health for a man his age; just a
little hard-of-hearing. Then she went in. The wife-to-be and doctor
The future husband ask about her condition. The doctor said that she is
in fairly good health for a woman her age, just a little angina. The
husbant-to-be said, "Oh boy! Oh boy! I can't wait to see what the rest
of her looks like!!"