A Girl Goes To Her Doctor And Says "Doctor Doctor, I Have A Y On My Beast" And The Doctor Says "well How Did It Get There" And She Says "I Was Doing My Boyfriend And He Was Wearing A His College T-Shi

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A girl goes to her doctor and says "Doctor Doctor, I have a Y on my beast"
and the doctor says "well how did it get there" and she says "I was doing my
boyfriend and he was wearing a his College T-Shirt, Yale", so the doctor says
ok take this medicine you'll be fine, so the next day she goes back to the
doctor and says "I have a BC on my breast" and the doctor asks how she got it
there, and she says "I was being done by my other boyfiend and he's from
Boston College" so he tells her to take the medicine, and the next day she is
back and she tells the Doc she has a W on her breasts and her doctor said "let
me guess, you have a boyfriend from Winscinson University" and she says "no
I was with my girlfriend last night and she from Michigan University!"