An Avon Lady Was Driving Down The Road, When She Hit A Bunny Rabbit.

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An Avon lady was driving down the road, when she hit a bunny rabbit.
She became absolutely horrified with the idea that she may have killed the
rabbit. So she grabbed a spray bottle out of her Avon bag, and ran out to
check on the rabbit. "Well, thank goodness the rabbit is still breathing,
but it's unconscious!" She then sprayed the contents of the bottle on the
rabbit. It almost immediatley opened its eyes, got up, and ran away. The
Avon lady got back in her car, and as she looked out the window, she saw the
the rabbit wave at her. She waved back, and drove away.
A week later, the Avon lady drove down the same road, and thought to
herself, "Hey, this is the same place where I hit that rabbit last week!"
Oddly enough, there was the rabbit at the side of the road, in the same
spot, waving to her! She reached into her bag to see what she had sprayed
on the rabbit, and the label said: "PERMANENT WAVE FOR DAMAGED HAIR"