A New Recruit Showed Up On His First Day In The ARMY And Was Sent To Get His Supplies.

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A new recruit showed up on his first day in the ARMY and was sent to get
his supplies.
The supply sergeant gathered up all his equipment but informed the soldier
that they were temporarily out of rifles. At this the sergeant handed the
new recruit a broom stick to use as his rifle until they were restocked.
The new recruit laughed and asked him how a broom stick was supposed to
serve his needs. The sergeant replied that he should simply hold the broom
out in front of himself as he would a rifle and go "Bangidy, Bang, Bang!"
The next day another new recruit met with the same dilemma as the first.
Only he was not only assigned the broom stick to use as his weapon. But
the sergeant also informed him that they were temporarily out of stock on
bayonets. Well, the soldier got really upset and said "What am I supposed
to do until you get more in?". The sergeant took the broom stick and tied
a string around one end of the stick. He returned it to the soldier, who
laughed. "What is this supposed to do for me?" asked the recruit. The
sergeant replied that he should hold the broom as he would a real rifle
and go "Stabidy, Stab, Stab!"
A few days later the two new recruits found themselves in a hostile
situation. The two of them had found themselves on the front line with war
breaking out all around them. With no other troops in their immediate area
the two soldiers nerves tightened as they saw the enemy heading towards
A half a dozen troops came rushing their position as the two men thrust
their broom sticks out in front of themselves and begain shouting
"Bangidy, Bang, Bang! Stabidy, Stap, Stab!" at this the six enemy soldiers
all dropped dead. The two recruits were completely amazed at what had just
But before they could dwell on the event for too long, they looked to see
no less than a dozen more troopers running at them. The two soldiers were
growing more confident with their situation. They bravely aimed their
broom sticks and repeated "Bangidy, Bang, Bang! Stabidy, Stab, Stab!" and
again all twelve of the enemy soldiers fell to the ground, dead.
Now the two soldiers were really impressed with the weapons they had been
assigned. Moments later, they didn't flinch when the looked to see a
single enemy soldier walking completely unarmed in their immediate
direction. The two recruits simply looked at each other and laughed about
this soldier's stupidity.
The two recruits again raised their broom sticks and chanted "Bangidy,
Bang, Bang! Stabidy, Stab, Stab!", but to their amazement the lone soldier
kept trudging towards them. Now the two recruits were nervous again. They
couldn't explain this at all. Again they shouted "Bangidy, Bang, Bang!
Stabidy, Stab, Stab!", and again nothing happened.
As the soldier neared, the two recruits threw down their broom sticks and
made every attempt to get to shelter. But the lone enemy trooper quickly
caught up to the two recruits and stomped them into the soil. With an
angry, confident expression fixed firmly on his face the trooper brought
the two recruits to their knees and relentlessly pummeled them to death.
After he had finished, the enemy trooper continued forward heading over
the front line. And as he enthusiastically moved onward he could be heard
chanting to himself "Tankidy, Tank, Tank!"

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