A Guy Went Hunting For Duck. He Was Out Hunting For An Entire Week And Never Managed To Shoot A Duck.

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A guy went hunting for duck. He was out hunting for an entire week and
never managed to shoot a duck.
On his way driving back to the big city he happened to see a duck flying
over a barn yard. He hit the breaks, grabbed his gun and jumped out of his
car, shooting at the duck flying by. Finally he hit the duck and it fell
to the ground landing on the other side of the barn yard fence.
As he climbed over the fence to fetch his prized catch the farmer
approached him. "What do you think you're doin'?" the farmer asked. The
man told him about his terrible luck on his hunting trip. But the farmer
could have cared less. "The duck landed on my side of the fence, so it's
rightfully mine" the farmer said.
The man pleaded with the farmer for several minutes when the farmer said
"I'll tell you what we'll do! we'll settle this country style.", "Country
Style?" the man asked "What's that?" The farmer replied "First I'll kick
you as hard as I can where it hurts the most! then you can kick me! we'll
just going back and forth until only one of us can fight. Who ever is left
standing at the end of the fight wins!"
The man from the city thought about what this big husky country farmer had
suggested, and reluctantly excepted his challenge.
The farmer said "I'll go first!". He kicked the man so hard that the guy
fell to his knees in horrible pain. His eyes watered, he clutched his
sides and cried. The poor city man rolled around for nearly a half hour
before he was finally able to make it back up to his feet again. Wiping
the tears from his eyes, he looked at the farmer and said "Now I go,
right?" The farmer looked at the little city guy with a befuddled look on
his face and said "Oh, take the duck!"