A Young Man Was Working In The Produce Department Of A Grocery Store When A Customer Came Up To Him And Asked If He Could Buy A Half Of Head Of Lettuce.

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A young man was working in the produce department of a grocery store when
a customer came up to him and asked if he could buy a half of head of
lettuce. He said he would check with his manager, however did not notice
that the customer was following him to the back of the store. As he
approached his manager he said " There is some a--hole in the front that
would like to buy a half a head of lettuce". His manager noticing the man
in back of the young man said "Is this the person that wants to buy a half
a head of lettuce?" The young man quickly replied "No, this gentleman
would like to buy the other half!!" The manager was so impressed on how
diplomatically the young man handled the situation he asked im to
temporaily manage the entire produce department the following week while
he took a trip to Canada. The young man thanked him for the opportunity
and asked "Why are you going to Canada, after all the only things in
Canada are whores and Hockey players. His manager replied that he was
going to visit his fiancee to which the young man replied " Really, what
team does she play for?"