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Meter maid: Windshield viper ?

Subject: Swiftiers
"No negroes allowed!" Jim crowed.
"You can do it!" Pep talked.
"She sure is feisty!" Tom bouyed.
"This is a feline smilee." Tom catted.
"This is a *wild* feline smilee." Bob catted.
"He is tall, dark and handsome." Dee scribed.
"I want to have your children!" Dee sired.
"I'm reporting that graffitti." Dee filed.
"I'm going to lure them out." said Dee coyly.
"I'll vote for him." Dee sided.
"To pee or not to pee?" the Miss quoted.
"Of course I'll cooperate." Al lied.
"I heard a rumor about you." Al edged.
"This is how we program." Flo charted
"Follow me." the Miss led. (okok, so "Cool and the Gang" thought it up first)
"This is a soft bed." Matt rested.
"This isn't digital." Anna logged.

You might have noticed the news story yesterday from Leesburg, Va, (where
the Xerox training center is and from where I am writing), about a baby being
born from a frozen embryo:
Would this kid always wear a sweater, like even in the shower?
Would he look at things in a particular way, such as, when asked about the
paint for a wall, say, 'I think we need something warmer.'
Would he, when buying a new car, first ask about the heater?
Shy away from refrigerators?
Be active in the movement to eliminate freon from the environment?
Make others raise their eyebrows when,, later in life at cocktail parties,
he would get concerned as ice cubes melted?
Would they never let their tongues touch metal, for fear it would stick?
Would cryogenic storage after death be like a return to the womb?

There was a young fellow named Dave,
who kept a dead whore in a cave,
He said, "I admit,
I'm a bit of a shit,
but think of the money I save!"