A Man Was Having A Problem Of A Personal Nature, So He Went To A Doctor.

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A man was having a problem of a personal nature, so he went to a
doctor. The doctor examined him and said, "You have what we call
Hong Kong dong. All we can do is amputate. The man said, "Forget
it!" and went to another doctor. The second doctor said the same thing.
He went to two or three more doctors, and they all said the same thing.
Finally, in desperation, he reasoned that if anyone in the world knew
how to cure Hong Kong dong, he was probably in Hong Kong. So he got
on an airplane and flew to Hong Kong where he looked up the best
doctor in town. The doctor, an old Chinese, examined him and said,
"Ah yes, you have Hong Kong dong". The man exploded, "Dammit, I
know I have Hong Kong dong. Just tell me if you have to amputate".
The doctor replied, "Oh no, not have to amputate. Another week,
him drop off by self".