NON-CURSE CURSE'S May You Have The Nicest Neighbors In All Sibera.

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May you have the nicest neighbors in all Sibera.

May your name be so famous that every bailiff, tax colector, cop and secret
agent know it.

May you grow so healthy, husky and fat, that it takes twenty years for the
worms to pick you clean.

May you fall in the outhouse just as a platoon of marines finishes a prune
stew and twelve barrels of beer.

May your possesions never tempt another to steal.

If it is holy to be poor, may you be a saint among saints.

Since poverty is no disgrace, may you never know shame.

May you learn the secret of life in every dream, then forget it each time
you awaken.

May you be invited to a banquet by the President and belch in his face.

May you sleep on a bed of 8,000 rusty nails while bedbugs eat you alive, so
that you toss and turn all night.

May your blood grow so healthy, your leecehs' leeches need leeches.

May you be bled dry by leeches, but enough blood should be left over for
the bedbugs, lice, and mosquitoes to have a good meal too.