There Were These 3 Guys Driving Back To Toronto, Ontario Who Were Visiting Some Friends In Terrace B.

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There were these 3 guys driving back to Toronto, Ontario who
were visiting some friends in Terrace B.C. As they
approached Red Deer, Alberta, their car all of a sudden
broke down. Luckily, they were near a house, situated on
a great big farm. They rapped on the house door. A
big, scruffy looking farmer answered it; "Yeah, what could
I do for you boys?"
The first guy told them about their car, and wondered
if he could possibly give them a hand.
"Well, it's too d*amn late out, I s'pose you could
stay the night here, on the grounds that you keep yer
paws off my wife and daughter. You folks stay in the
basement. If you need help, we'll be upstairs."
Gratefully, the guys accepted.
At around one o'clock, the first guy though 'What the
hell,' and decided to check out the daughter. He slipped out
of the bed, and headed upstairs- the stairs, however,
creaked as walked up. The first guy heard the sound of a
shotgun being loaded and a gruff voice - "Who the
hellizat?!" The first guy had to think fast!
"Meow- Meow"
"A whew, just the cat" the farmer said. The first guy went
back to bed.
About an hour later, the second guy decided to check
out the daughter- He did what the first guy did, the farmer
pulled out his shotgun- "Who the hellizat?!" - "Meow-Meow"
"Whew, just the cat" and the second guy returned to bed.
The third guy, not as intelligent as the rest, decided
to check out the daughter. He climbed up the stairs, it
creaked, and suddenly he heard the sound of a shotgun being
loaded- "Who in the hell is that?!"
The third guy had to think fast!
"It's the Cat!!"